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Author India Edghill's interest in history is long-standing; her father was a major history buff whose favorite authors were Will & Ariel Durant. India inherited his love of research and history. Her favourite areas are the Ancient Near East, Victorian England, and India at any period.
India now lives in the beautiful Willamette Valley in Oregon, with a comfort of spaniels and a plethora of books.

India's novels include Delilah, Queenmaker, Wisdom's Daughter, File M For Murder and her latest, Game of Queens.

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Game of Queens.

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Pawprints is one of my few stories that practically "wrote itself" (although I had to do the actual typing!) in one day. And then the story sat in my files for years, because I had no idea what to do with it -- oddly enough, Martin Greenberg wasn't doing a JESUS FANTASTIC anthology. But the Internet makes many things possible, and so now Pawprints, like A Spaniel For The King and The Courtesan Who Loved Cats, is here full text on my website. As my Gentle Readers will immediately realize, the story's original inspiration was Footprints In The Sand, which I think everyone in the entire world has seen on a poster at some point.

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