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The Doom of Camelot
Sixteen original stories of the legend's end ...
Edited James Lowder

What brought about the downfall of King Arthur's fabled realm? The answers offered by the original stories found herein range from the clash of faiths and ideals, to an innocent jest gone horribly wrong, to the pervasive, yet subtle flaws in the idea of Camelot itself.

From the dark ages squalor to fantastic splendor, The Doom of Camelot resents a wide range of tones and styles.

Enjoy "Grail Wisdom" by India Edghill in The Doom Of Camelot.

"The Doom of Camelot is a truly successful collection of Arthurian tales, notable for its variety of perspectives and its poignant homage to a dream's demise."
      - CERIDWEN'S CAULDRON: The Magazine of the Oxford Arthurian Society

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The Doom Of Camelot
from Green Knight Publishing
ISBN 1-928999-09-3
$14.95 (trade paperback)