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File M For Murder:
A Cornelia Upshaw and Fancy Mystery

By India Edghill

Cornelia Upshaw is a single mother now living in New York and working as a temporary secretary at Dayborne Ventures, Inc. Some executives there get expensive perks and any of them would kill for a corner office - and one of them has. Cornelia soon becomes a suspect, but good looking, single Lieutenant Victor Kosciusko is pretty sure Cornelia didn't do it. Cornelia needs all the help she can get. After all, there's still a murderer loose and there's one more name on the killer's list: Cornelia's.

Praise for File M For Murder

"Edghill gives new meaning to 'a bad day at the office' in this witty mystery . . . I loved it!"
- Evan Marshall, author of the JANE STUART AND WINKY MYSTERIES

File M For Murder
Available December 2004
from Five Star
ISBN 1 - 59414 - 190 - 8
$25.95 (hardcover)

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File M For Murder
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