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Wisdom's Daughter
By India Edghill

This is the tale of Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba, she who rules the spice lands, she who grants justice alike to men and women. She bows before the will of the Goddess.

This is the tale of Solomon, the King of Israel and Judea, he who built the golden temple to Yahweh in Jerusalem. Once he prayed that he might rule wisely.

This is the tale of Solomon's wives, of his concubines ... and of Baalit his daughter, more beloved than any son. Here are their voices, their mysteries, and their secrets. Here they sing their songs and weave their tapestries.

Journey now with Queen Bilqis to Jerusalem and the court of King Solomon. Some say that the ruler of Sheba desires to test the king's wisdom; others, that she wishes to bargain with him for trade and spices. Yet others whisper of love. None suspect what prize she truly seeks.

Come, venture with the caravans to hear a tale soft as a caress, sweet as spiced wine, hard as a stone cast at a harlot. Come, hear the Song of Solomon and Sheba....

Early Raves for Wisdom's Daughter -

    "Exotic and sensuous; a worthy follower to QUEENMAKER."
             - Annette Barlow, Publisher, Allen & Unwin, Australia

    "Absolutely wonderful...erudite, lyrical, elegant, beautiful!"
             - Nicole Jordan, NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author.

    "A powerful and unique take on the biblical story."
             - Kathe Robin, THE ROMANTIC TIMES BOOKCLUB

Wisdom's Daughter
from St. Martin's Press
Available in paperback
ISBN 0-312-28940-5

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Wisdom's Daughter Nominated
Best Historical Fiction
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